Aircraft Management

Aircraft Management is just one call away!

Do you own an aircraft to be an expert in operations, maintenance, insurance, fuel purchasing and other components that lead to a safe, cost-effective flight? . . . or do you just want to fly!?

Aero Taxi, Inc. : provides a complete aircraft management service that emphasizes safety, preservation of value and cost control, leaving you to enjoy your travel

Safety : starts well before the flight. Aircraft Maintenance, Crew Competency, and Mission Analysis are all important contributors to a safe flight. At Aero Taxi, safety is first. Without compromise.

Preservation of value : The most expensive part of aircraft ownership is often encountered on sale or trade-up. Aero Taxi helps maintain the value of your aircraft through rigorous maintenance, attention to detail in maintaining logs and regular cleaning after each mission to preserve paint and interior. Combined, these items will ensure top dollar when you are ready to upgrade your aircraft.

Cost control : To help defray some expense, we can place your aircraft on our Part 135 Aircraft Charter Certificate and sell charter on your aircraft. In addition, we search for the best price on any purchases for your aircraft, using aircraft parts sourcing alternatives, multiple contract fuel sources, discounts on crew training and fleet insurance. We know it is expensive. Our comprehensive, detailed monthly statement will let you know what you are paying for.

Complete Ease of Use : Your aircraft is kept in a ready state for when you would like to travel. Just one call, and we do the rest. We set up logistics and reservations. Next, we line up Crew, and provide flight planning and flight analysis. Then we’ll make ancillary reservations for any special needs, hotel, rental cars, catering, etc, as required.

Just One Call:

We have over 15 years of aircraft management experience, from Citation I to Falcon 900. We can design a program that is just right for you. Let us discuss your aircraft needs and flying profile.

1-800-551-8555. Please ask for Dirk Dinkeloo

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